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Christine Shih
Chief Of Auditing
Function: Head of Financial, Accounting department
Languages: Chinese, Taiwanese
Hobby: Listening to music, reading, watching movies, enjoy nature and administration actitivity

I love the Scorpion family. In my life, it occupied 6 years of my youth. But for me, it also makes me more mature than my friends at my age.

Even so, I still have to learn more skills and all kinds of things. To learn the second language, "English" is my first priority. With it, not only I can communicate with people in the world, but also you could understand and appreciate the culture and history, scenery of other countries. To learn English becomes the most important matter in my "Travel around the World" preparation list.

Since my job is accounting, I am also quite interested in the financial program. The economic changes with the rhythm of the world, so I need to study very hard. I hope I could use this knowledge to improve Scorpion's financial structure, to idealize our investment options.

I like the country side, especially my home town - Chi Chi, located in Nan -Tou County. The people are simple, there are mountains and rivers. Birds are singing and the flowers are blooming . When you drive through the famous "Green Tunnel", you will feel very energetic and high!! Of course there are many other beautiful places waiting for you to visit. I am very proud to say that " This is my home town".

One more exciting news to share with you: I will get married by the end of this year (1997). It is very nice to live with the one you love. Do you agree with me? I wish your blessing could accompany me to my wedding party, and I wish all the lovers could be together.

I am sorry there is not enough space for me to tell you more. You mustn't be satisfied with this short biography. Every one, every thing in Scorpion is a treasure, waiting for you to explore and welcome to join us! See you!!


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